Search Engines.
This is a limited explanation of the most widely used strategies for increasing traffic to your website. It is by no means comprehensive, and going forward you may require the assistance of a Webmaster or someone conversant in the language and workings of the Web. We regret that at this time we cannot offer technical support regarding Search Engines.

What is a Search Engine?
The most commonly used search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, have their own websites. They permit searching of the Internet to find websites that meet a viewers search terms. This allows the viewer to more easily browse for what they are seeking. A bride for example might visit and key in “wedding invitations” to view a listing of websites offering that product. Similarly, an office administrator might key in “Holiday Cards” or “Christmas Cards” when contemplating such a purchase.


Search Engine Optimization. It is to your website’s great advantage to display or list as high as possible in a search. Generally speaking, more traffic flows to those websites near or at the top of the listing. There are several ways that website developers attempt to ensure that their site places high when certain phrases are part of a Web search. The most widely used process involves choosing targeted keyword phrases, which are embedded into the code or language of a webpage. In addition, a website which is linked to and from other websites will generally place higher.

How a Search Engine Works. Typically, a search engine works by systematically searching millions and millions of websites to fetch as many documents as possible. These documents are electronically read, and an index is then created based on the words contained in each document. Each search engine uses a proprietary method to create its indices such that, ideally, only meaningful results are returned for each query. The challenge for webmasters is to include the appropriate keywords to optimize search engine results. The technical terms are “keyword generators” and “Meta Tags.” Other optimization tricks are available on the Web, and there are numerous services that will list you on all major search engines for a fee. There are guidelines for advanced users available at the Google Help Center.


Personalized Websites. For security reasons, we do not currently permit you to alter the code embedded in your Personalized Website, but we are exploring ways to make this possible.


Pay For Click Services. Several services sell paid listings on a cost-per-click basis. They are also sometimes called PPC or pay per click search engines. As an advertiser, you would pay for every click the search engine sends you, and those who pay the most generally get listed higher. We listed the two most commonly used PPC services below. We understand they are effective, but also may be costly. You will have to decide on your own whether this is a cost effective strategy appropriate for your business. 

     Google AdWords